Elegant Pets Mobile Spa’s Terms and Conditions………


Before The Groom.

Please ensure that your pet has been given the opportunity to be relived and walked before their grooming/spa treatment, as this will ensure that they get the maximum enjoyment out of their pamper session.

You must inform Elegant Pets of any medical conditions your pet may have or is receiving treatment for.

Puppy Groom.

Unfortunately Elegant Pets is unable to groom puppies until 2 weeks after their second vaccinations.

Elegant Pets offer a saver Puppy Package, all three seasons must be used before your pets is 6 months old and will only cover bath, dry, brush, hygiene trim, ear cleaning and nail clip. If further works are required then these will be priced separately. Prices for the puppy groom and any additional works will vary depending on Breed and coat condition.

After 6 months Full Groom charges will apply.

Anal Glands.

Elegant Pets does not offer anal glad emptying as a service as it is recommended under the veterinary surgeons Act 1966 that only veterinary surgeons are allowed to diagnose conditions and undertake treatment such as expressing anal glads. Please contact your vets if you are concerned. 

Matted Coats.

If your pet is matted you agree to allow Elegant Pets to shave your pet if it is deemed to be matted to an extent that de-matting would cause pain and suffering to the pet. Elegant Pets shall not be held liable for any after grooming effects of the de-matting shaving process and problems uncovered on a matted or otherwise neglected coat. These include, but are not limited to: itchiness, skin redness or self inflicted irritations/abrasion from excessive external rubbing. You understand that the time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable and subject to the condition of your pet and an additional charge will be add onto of the full groom price.


It is your duty as a pet parent to make sure your pet is free of parasites before entering the salon; you assure Elegant Pets that you will use appropriate flea and tick prevention. If your pet is found to be carrying fleas you agree to pay the associated costs of £10 which covers the extra time spent bathing your pet to remove fleas, the use of flea shampoo, extra clean up time including flea removal and prevention products in the salon.

Grooming The Elderly.

Please be aware that grooming can be a stressful event for our seniors, therefore, Elegant Pets will try and make it as comfortable and stress free as possible. Only grooming work that they will tolerate will be carried out and Elegant Pets will not cause undue stress, however all work will be attempted.

Previous Conditions Uncovered.

Elegant Pets is not responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during the grooming/spa session and Elegant Pets will inform you of anything found so that you are able to take appropriate action.

Vet Care Needed After Groom.

Should veterinary care be necessary as a result of any services by Elegant Pets, you will notify Elegant Pets within 48 hours of such care. Reimbursement for such care will be at the sole discretion of Elegant Pets and unless it can be clearly shown that Elegant Pets is liable, all costs will be at your expense.

Refusal Of Service.

Elegant Pets reserves the right to refuse services to any pet for the health and safety of the groomer and/or the pet. A muzzle may be used during procedures alternatively services may be discontinued if Elegant Pets determines that a pet presents an unsafe condition. Such conditions include but are not limited to: behaviour issues, health problems and parasites.

You agree to inform Elegant Pets prior to grooming if your pet has ever bitten any human, another pet or has any aggressive tendencies whatsoever. You understand and agree that you will be held solely liable for any harm, injury or damaged property caused by your pet.


I hope you don’t have to cancel your grooming appointment, but if you do please give Elegant Pets as much notice as possible, as its a small independent business and this can have a detrimental effect on Elegant Pets.

Cancellation charges are as follows; (unless there is a valid reason)

More than 24 hours cancellation notice – No charge

Less than 24 hours cancellation notice – 25% of groom cost

Not-In for your appointment – 50% of groom cost, plus fuel cost (50p per mile from  CM1 ….. to your location)

Excessive Grooming.

If a pet requires more than the allocated session time due to excessive matting or an overdue appointment, Elegant Pets reserve the right to stop the grooming and request the pet comes for a return visit at an additional charge to the owner.


If for any reason, you are not happy with any aspect of your pets grooming experience, you agree to inform Elegant Pets within 48 hours of your appointment. You understand that it can sometimes be difficult interpreting a customer’s requests exactly, but this can be easily rectified.


Please note that we reserves the right to apply any of the following charges stated in the Terms and Conditions……..