Price guide for full grooms for your dog. Please note these are dependent on coat condition, temperament, and distance to your house. See below for cat prices and extra services.


Our services explained... Including add on services and spa treatments

Full Groom

For dogs that require a full haircut or de-shedding treatment this includes: a soothing massage bath using specialist natural Shampoo tailored to your dog’s skin and coat type. The coat is blow dried removing any dead coat, a full coat brush out followed by a haircut styled to breed standard or custom pet trim (owners preference) or a de-shedding treatment. Pads and paws are trimmed followed by sanitary trim and a gentle ear and eye clean. Ear will be plucked (where required upon owner request), Nail clipped, Finished off with a cologne.


Elegant Pets Mobile Spa specialises in hand-stripping. This is the process which is used on wire coats and some silky coats to maintain the correct colour and texture.  The technique involves pulling away the dead hair out of the coat, either by using a stripping knife or fingers.

A hard, wiry coat has a cycle where it starts growing and then sheds as it reaches maximum length. Hand-stripping coordinates the shedding and makes room for a new coat to grow.

Hand-Stripping is the proper grooming method for most terriers and is a pain-free method if it is done correctly and at the right time of the hair growth.

Hand-Stripping can start from 6-8 months and than be carried out every 4-6 months.

Puppy Groom

When buying a puppy, no matter what the breed, it is best to get them used to grooming as early as possible. Part of training a puppy involves socialisation skills and dealing with different surroundings and situations. Elegant Pets Mobile Spa offers a puppy package which will help introduce your puppy to things like the bath, hair dryer, clippers and nail clipping.

Our puppy packages are suitable for puppies who are younger than 6 months old (please note that we will not groom puppies until 2 weeks after their final puppy vaccinations)

Puppy Packages starts from £25

(Price may alter depending on breed, age and condition of coat i.e matting and is only for puppies from 5 months and under)

Cat Grooming

Elegant Pets Mobile Spa offers a cat grooming service to help maintain your cat or kitten’s coat. Whether it’s removing dead coat, de-matting, hygiene clip, nails, thinning or cleaning ears and eyes, we are more than happy to help.

When bathing cats we personally think it is unkind, as most cats (not all) hate water, therefore we use a 100% natural shampoo which is put straight onto the coat, massaged in and then groomed through. This brings out all the dirt and debris, and when dry, leaves the coat all fluffed up and smelling lovely.

Hygiene trim (no brush out)

FROM £25.00

Brush out without Bath

FROM £40.00

Bath (waterless) and Brush out for Short Coats

FROM £45.00

Bath (Waterless) and Brush out for Long Coats

FROM £55.00

Lion trim

FROM £65.00

Nails will be done with groom (when necessary), including ear and eye care at no additional charge.
Nail clipping as a standalone service

Add On Services & Spa Treatments

Teeth Cleaning with Breath Freshener 

Using a natural mint gel and fresh breath foam which helps to remove plaque, tartar and kills germs that causes bad breath.


Flea Defence Bath Treatment

The revolutionary blend of plants and herbs uses ingredients such as Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle which works together to help deter fleas, mites and ticks.


Cleansing Tear & Beard Stain Treatment  

A cleansing treatment to help reduce beard and tear staining. Especially popular for light and white coloured dogs such as Bichons, Westies and Poodles to help keep faces dazzling white. This treatment does not contain bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful ingredients.


Whitening Treatment

This treatment is specially formulated for all coat colours of all breeds. It is a natural alternative to chemically based whitening and brightening products. Made with botanical extracts and contains ZERO bleaches, chemical dyes or optical brighteners. This wonder product effectively neutralises discolorations and removes staining, the kind way. It is wheat free, Vegan, and of course Cruelty-Free certified.We advise combining this with our Tear Stain Treatment for a complete whitening experience.


Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Perfect for dull, lifeless coats this conditioning treatment is blended with Organic Avocado and Coconut oils for a deep conditioned coat and Organic Aloe Vera Extracts to help soothe the skin. Formulated for pets with sensitive skin or for those pets with long coats and undercoats. This will leave your pooch skin and coat hydrated and unbelievably soft. Vegan and hypoallergenic.

FROM £10
(Price depends on breed/size)

Therapeutic Mud Treatment

Nourish, strengthen, and encourage healthy cell regeneration with a therapeutic mud body treatment. As the mud detoxifies your dog’s skin, removing dirt, oils and other toxins, dead skin cells are replaced with nourishing minerals and soothing relief, boosting your dog’s ability to fight infections, dry skin, and other irritations that can lead to canine dermatitis. Mud is applied all over the body and massaged into the skin and fur.  

From £15 Extra
(Prices depend on breed/size)
Choose from:

◦ Skin Soothe treatment: hot spot treatment for irritated, itchy, blemished skin; loaded with antioxidants and astringent ingredients to promote healing and comfort.

◦ Skin Relief treatment: a toxin, chemical, detergent free way to revile from parasites, while fortifying and hydrating the skin. Excellent way to fight yeast and parasites, an overall healthy dog mud bath treatment.

◦ Coat care treatment: rejuvenate your dog’s skin and coat and help relieve and prevent excessive shedding by removing loose fur, releasing undercoat, and unclogging hair follicles.

◦ Mobility treatment: relieves sore muscles and achy joints from exercise, arthritis, hip/elbow dysplasia, and other afflictions.


Helps sooth paws damaged by gravel, hot pavements, or snow, or those that get itchy feet in the summer months due to pollen and other irritants. Treatment includes a relaxing deep cleaning fizz paw soak with white tea tree oil, nails trimmed and filed, between pads and paw trim (where applicable) and a gentle vitamin E butter paw pad massage. This soothing pawdicure will leave paws feeling totally refreshed.

Treatments priced are in addition to full grooms. Please enquire for individual treatment prices